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Let's Pray Pilipinas | January 18, 2020 | "Belly Good"

Let's Pray Pilipinas / January 19, 2021

"Belly Good"

Oras ng Pag-aaral | 1st Quarter 2021 | Lesson 3 - Kapag Gumuho Na Ang Mundo Mo

Oras ng Pag-aaral / January 12, 2021

Tagalog Adult Sabbath School Weekly Bible Lesson Review

Katotohanan Live | Topic: "Meaning of 2 Corinthians 3: 13-15" | December 29, 2020

Katotohanan / January 04, 2021

"Meaning of 2 Corinthians 3: 13-15"

Clear Messages Live | Topic: "Partakers of Christ" | December 9, 2020

Clear Messages / December 10, 2020

Clear Messages Live | December 9, 2020

LIVE! 40 Days Journey With God | Episode 38

40 Days Journey With God / November 13, 2020

LIVE! 40 Days Journey With God | Episode 38

United Bible Study - Episode 1 - "Behold The Lamb Of God"

United Bible Study / November 12, 2020

"Behold The Lamb Of God"

EP01 Paglalakbay Patungong Langit | Aklat na Mapagkakatiwalaan Ko - 1

Paglalakbay Patungong Langit / October 12, 2020

Paglaum Sa Panimalay

is a series of sermons by the Directors from the Conferences and Missions of Central Philippine Union Conference.

Oras ng Pag-aaral

It teaches lessons from the Bible for application in our daily intimate walk with God.

United Bible Study

is a Bible Study series where Bible lessons/questions are answered and discussed carefully through the help of the Holy Spirit and from the Bible itself.

Mysteries of Prophecy

deals with the mysteries that is in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

May Pag-Asa

a 11-Day Series helps in discovering Bible truths in a short and simple way, that can lead you to a closer relationship with our God.

Let's Pray Pilipinas

is an invitation to share in sympathy with viewers' burden of everyday life and tell them to the Savior. It's where you find company you need most, both in difficulties and joys.

Clear Messages

Explains any bible questions in depth. Its a Live Program created for the young people. It streams every Wednesdays from 6-7 PM PST, helps you to understand Bible in a practical and effective way.

Lets talk about Mental Health

this program will solely and mainly discussed about different issues, concerns, problems about mental health.


is an in-depth Bible study series talks about the faithfulness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Healthy Bites

features plant based diets, which is clean, tasty and nutritious to our health.

Living for Jesus

What are you living for? What excites you? What is the main focus of your life? Is it money, family, career, fame, power, pleasure, or comfort. All these will come to an end. But when you live for Jesus, He makes your life worth living.

Alam Mo Ba?

brings answers to the mass' questions about God and life by opening the Holy Bible and exploring its precepts and instructions for the blessing of humanity.

Sights and Insights

Sights and insights is a program that shows the breathtaking creation of our Creator and its object lessons connected with Biblical principles on how to appreciate the vastness of Gods love to man through nature.

Sharing the Vision

is a comprehensive discussion about the Life, writings and relevance of Ellen White in the 21st century.

The Christ of Daniel

is a series of Christ-centered studies unveiling the interaction of God in human history to work out His plan of salvation in Jesus Christ. However, fascination with the last days and the end of the world has eclipsed this perspective in most presentations of Daniel.