2022 GC Session Runs With the Theme “Jesus Is Coming! Get Involved!”; and other world news

Adventist News / June 28, 2022

First in the News: Adventist Youth in St. Louis, Got Involved! While the General Conference Session 2022 is happening, Adventist Youth made a difference in the lives of the homeless and needy of St. Louis. Led by Pastor Dejan Stojkovic, they reached out and gave help and pieces of literature to the streets. They answered God’s call and Got Involved!

2022 General Conference Session Ends With Emphasis on Biblical Mission; and other world news

Adventist News / June 21, 2022

The 2022 General Conference Session in Saint Louis ends on June 11, 2022. President Ted N. C. Wilson, in his ending message, put an emphasis on biblical principles and the mission of the church. He urged everyone to “be involved and go to preach the gospel into all the world.”

The Voice of Youth EXPAND 2022 Sends 819 Teams for Community Outreach; and other world news

Adventist News / May 25, 2022

First in the news, Southern Asia Pacific Division’s Voice of Youth EXPAND, a church- based, all-year- round evangelistic effort sent almost 27,000 young people to reach out in their communities. As a result, this May, they were able to reap 7, 514 new souls and take them at the foot of the cross.

Ten Thousand Toes Campaign Receives the 2022 Healthy Island Award; and other world news

Adventist News / May 18, 2022

First in the news, The Ten Thousand Toes Campaign, an initiative of Adventist Health, has received the 2022 Healthy Island Award in the Best Practice Category from the World Health Organization for its work in Fiji. The award recognizes the work that "10,000 Toes" is doing to help address the epidemic of lifestyle diseases, particularly diabetes, in the Pacific.

Seventh-day Adventist Church Holds 40 Days of Prayer Before the GC Session

Adventist News / May 10, 2022

The worldwide Adventist Church is holding a 40 Days of Prayer event ahead of the upcoming General Conference Session, which runs June 6 to 11 this year, in St. Louis, Missouri. The Church invites members from around the world to join in 40 Days of Prayer, from May 3rd to June 11th, which is the last day of the General Conference Session.

Student Filmmakers Attend the 20th Annual Sonscreen Film Festival; and other world news

Adventist News / May 02, 2022

Student filmmakers gathered at Loma Linda University Church for the 20th annual Sonscreen Film Festival, which included the world premiere of Hope Media Europe’s series. More than 150 attended the festival this year, with more than 300 attending the Friday evening premiere of Encounters, a five-episode TV series about college chaplains and the students who come to see them.

ADRA President Talks About Humanitarian Response for Ukraine; and other world news

Adventist News / April 13, 2022

President of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency Michael Kruger recently made a statement on the organization’s humanitarian response in Ukraine and its surrounding regions.

Adventists Continue to Pray and Work for the Victims of the Ukraine/Russia Conflict; and other news

Adventist News / March 17, 2022

Seventh-day Adventist members around the world are continuing to pray for the conflict in Eastern Europe, specifically Ukraine.

Adventist Basketball Team Forfeit Championship Because of the Sabbath Day; and other world news

Adventist News / February 28, 2022

In the United States, the Oakwood Adventist Academy High School Boys Basketball team had to forfeit a playoff game, giving up their chance to win a state championship, because the game was scheduled on Saturday, or Sabbath, February 19.