Episode 13: "The Coming Christ of Daniel"

The Christ of Daniel / 41 VIEWS

Your Body Under Stress

Dynamic Living / 41 VIEWS

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Episode 11: Faith and Food

Food and Soul / 40 VIEWS

Episode 13: Grand Celebration

Food and Soul / 39 VIEWS

Episode 12: Rainbow in the Sky

Music for His Glory / 39 VIEWS

"On Jordan's Stormy Banks"

Music and Praise / 39 VIEWS

Performed by: Ladies Trio | Lyrics by: Samuel Stennett | Arranged by: Chintya Marcia Kadarman | Edited by: Rex Revol Alroveros

"My Mission"

Music and Praise / 39 VIEWS

Performed by: Lovely Thomas | Words and Music by: Kurdeine Pyke Guadiz and Khristine Ruth F. de Gracia

Episode 9 | Ellen G. White and Vegetarianism

Sharing the Vision / 39 VIEWS