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In This Generation

presents the moral issues of this generation in the light of the Bible and Science, plus surveys and interviews of the young people. It's where we get to weigh in on the two most influential forces of life concerning the choices we need to make.

Kaalamang Pangkalusugan

Kaalamang Pangkalusugan with Doc Tam Mateo & Gladense Panuelos


is an in-depth Bible study program that can give clarity and truth with straight forward answers from Bible and spirit of prophecy. It streams live every Tuesdays from 6-7 PM PST.

Living for Jesus

What are you living for? What excites you? What is the main focus of your life? Is it money, family, career, fame, power, pleasure, or comfort. All these will come to an end. But when you live for Jesus, He makes your life worth living.

My Journey with God - Season 2

is a show emphasis about the importance of walking with God and in His footsteps. Journey with God is absolutely comfortable and enjoyable.

Pangutana Pastor

invites viewers to share their biggest questions of life and living and present answers from the most significant book of all time--the Bible. It's where we find the practical applications of a once-thought-of outdated resource!

Sharing Wholeness, Serving All

A faith based health and wellness program based on the bible creation story and backed up by evidences based science.

Three Important Minutes to Eternity (TIME) with Dan Namanya

a series of short motivational messages. It takes 3 minutes of your time refreshing you with determination in life and the challenges it bears.

Vibrant Life Online Seminar

"I Will Go: CPUC for Christ 2021"CPUC-Wide Evangelistic Campaign & Harvest Celebrations Vibrant Life"