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Portal for leaders expands resources for pastors and elders

The Adventist Church Ministerial Association in South America, the area responsible for guiding and caring for pastors, has relaunched the Pastor's Portal.

The Adventist Church Ministerial Association in South America, the area responsible for guiding and caring for pastors, has relaunched the Pastor's Portal. With a new look, it presents a series of resources that will help pastors and elders in their ministry to each of their churches.

To understand the benefits of this resource, the Adventist South American News Agency spoke with Pastor Daniel Montalván, associate ministerial secretary for South America, who is at the head of the initiative.

What is the main purpose of the pastor's portal?

To contribute to the growth of the pastor and the elders of every single church through various resources which will address the needs and challenges of pastoral ministry within the context of ministerial competencies.

What is the portal's relationship with the elders of the Church?

The elders of the church are pastors according to the Bible; therefore, it is necessary that they, too, have the resources to shepherd the church of God. And within the site, they will find several types of materials that will help them fulfill their divine purpose.

How is the pastor's portal organized? What will church leaders find there?

The idea is that both the pastor and the elders can find, in one place, various types of tools for their ministry. The contents and materials are of high quality. We have more than 200 writers from around the world providing content, including theologians and church leaders from all areas, who will contribute by writing from their experience and academic background contextualized, practical, and profound content.

Each week we will publish theological and practical articles with an emphasis on ministerial skills, in addition to sermons and a lot of didactic and audiovisual material within the needs and challenges of the ministry of the pastor and the elders of our church.

What would you say to district and local church leaders to encourage them to explore this revamped website?

There is high quality content and materials being posted weekly, and all pastors and elders of the church are invited to continue growing, using our website which, in itself, is more than a portal: it is their personal assistant. Go right now to: . May the Lord bless you!

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