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Hope Channel Philippines Goes Digital

Gateway 45 and Korean Radio and Promotion Association signs MOA to push digitalization of Hope Channel Philippines Terrestrial Broadcast.

In cooperation with Korean Radio Promotions Association (RAPA), Gateway 45 received grant to upgrade transmission of programs through the technology of digital broadcast during the last week of February 2014. In the recent vision sharing program between RAPA and Gateway 45 at the Heritage Hotel in Pasay City, top management from both parties agreed to enhance and develop digital broadcast of Gateway 45 through the assistance of RAPA. The vision sharing also aimed to assist Gateway 45 in having a smooth transition from analog to digital transmission.

RAPA President Cha Yang Shin expressed his excitement in this partnership and in the innovation of Filipino programming. He added that choosing Gateway 45 as their partner is one of the best decisions they have made, believing that the network carries positive programming to viewers.

Several Broadcast engineers from leading broadcasting companies shared their insights about the benefits of digital broadcast. Engr. Ronnie Suarez of IBC 13 said that digital broadcast will bring new heights to viewers in terms of quality and result.

Pastor Jose P. Orbe Jr., in charge of Gateway 45 productions explained the huge leap of quality in terms of transmission. He also added that production content of Gateway 45 will develop immensely both in video and audio once it starts airing digitally giving viewers a worthwhile viewing experience.

As Gateway UHF Broadcasting obtains digital advancement, it promises to utilize every bit of it to achieve its mission to serve the people through socially responsible programming. 

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