The incendiary remarks made on November 13 by a Seventh-day Adventist pastor preaching to his congregation in the borough of the Bronx, in New York City—and the subsequent social media furor...


The digital evangelism initiative of the South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) pulled off another milestone as baptisms reached an unprecedented record of 28,784 since the online campaign started!


Earth’s Final Countdown, the two-week hybrid evangelistic series in Mindoro, climaxed with a high note as thousands of precious souls were brought to the pool for baptism by immersion on November 13, 2020.


SSD financially partnered with North Philippines Union Conference, Hope Channel Philippines, kind donors abroad, and Adventist World Radio in installing 100 satellite dishes in target areas in Mindoro Islands.


This document has been produced by the General Conference Administration, Biblical Research Institute, General Conference Health Ministries, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department, General Conference Office of General Counsel, and Loma Linda Univ


Audrey Campbell is the media center director at Rogers Adventist School in...


September 27, 2021 - The continuing increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases with severe threats to health, safety, and severe economic disruption has led to several challenges now confronted by Filipinos across the nation.


President of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, Ted N.C. Wilson talks about the greatest reunion of all--the Second Coming of Jesus.


The linear concept of time guarantees the future is inevitable, pushing the elusive “someday” into “today”. The Seventh-day Adventist Church were pioneers of diet and medicine, education, and ministry.